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“When a teacher’s work is their passion-backed mission, students receive life-altering benefits.”

~Ron Bayne

Lessons on Leadership

Listen what AZPOST Master Instructor and Advanced Leadership Specialist Mike Puente has to say about Ron’s training.

“Great instructors. Ron made the class happen. The experience that he brings along with the materials makes it come together. Never been to a class like this, I was skeptical. I now have a better understanding on how to apply some of these leadership concepts and it was all covered in 4 days.”

-Rigo B., Bell Gardens PD
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Student feedback on our courses

Student Reviews


I wanted to reach out and thank you for the course you provided to law enforcement professionals in Azusa last week. While I have attended several leadership courses over my career, your course was particularly noteworthy. Perhaps its the times we find ourselves policing in. Perhaps its the change in culture we’ve seen in the last several years (both in our profession and in society in general). Perhaps, and most likely, it was your experience from agencies across this country that brought something different to the training. Every other course I’ve attended was instructed by local instructors with experiences tied to their respective agencies. Whatever the root cause of the class standing out to me, I wanted to let you know that you made an impact.

The reason for my note isn’t just to thank you for the instruction. What you’re doing is so very necessary for our profession. Leadership in Law Enforcement is waning. All too often I see supervisors loosing sight of the human aspect of supervising, which I submit is what leadership is all about. Remembering that we all have different driving factors. Different motivations. Being able to tap into otherwise un-capitalized energy to inspire, is required now more than any other time I’ve seen. We all know complacency is deadly in our line of work. I wanted to send this email to remind you that the long days on the road, traveling to instruct this very, very needed topic is not wasted. I’ll admit that even I lost sight in recent years. Your class serves as a reminder that leadership is more than a word you use during a promotional interview. It is instead a perishable skill that must be worked at. My take away was that when not used, my ability to think, talk, and perform like a leader diminishes. I had never considered leadership to be a perishable skill until now.

Please know the work you do is noble and needed. Keep it up! Not just for the coppers around the country… but for all of society they serve by leading those who put in the Godly work of keeping the peace.

Stay safe!

-Justin B.
Police Detective
Persons Crimes
Azusa Police Department

Very inspiring speaker/instructor. Used excellent examples to clarify key points including very personalized examples that showed that setbacks or obstacles should not define you. Gave excellent examples of leadership tools and theories to use at your organization and how to employ them even if it’s only in your own small circle of influence I would recommend this class to help see the full 360 view of leadership we can often have tunnel vision. The self identification of my style was an eye opener and help me more clearly see where I knew I needed to grow as a leader but also helped me understand other viewpoints exist as well. I am looking to apply what I learned to myself and to become a better leader.

The course was overall great, but the instructor was the best part. The tools discussed truly will be useful Las a Supervisor. Only feedback would be have persons in the class who want to be leaders in LAPD. Sometimes persons in on drop / close to retirement attend these trainings and seems like an employee who will be with the department longer would best benefit the course. I wish I would have attended this course when I first made supervisor…. As I have learned a lot. Thank you.

This is the best leadership class I have ever taken. I would highly recommend that every leader in our department take this training. Ron is an amazing presenter. I’m looking forward to being able to take the other two of the trilogy classes. I’m also looking forward on utilizing the training I was given and passing on to the officers I work with.

The instructor and material was extremely insightful and put things in perspective regarding how to be a quality leader in spite of any possible adversities. This course should be mandatory training during LAPD supervisor school because it truly teaches you the skills and mentality needed to be a great leader and supervisor. Best supervisory/leadership based training I have received through the department.

Ron is an outstanding individual, thank you for sharing your life with us, you’re a great leader we appreciate you too. You touched our hearts and our hearts are in the right place and will continue to be in the right place moving forward. You should write your own book, your story is very inspirational. The LAPD appreciates you.

I am going to retire soon and I must say I wish all my instructors I have had training with could have the passion and energetic presence like Ron Bayne. I truly enjoyed the training this week. I was able to see my strengths and weaknesses. I now know how to look at myself on how to make myself a better leader. I was asked to attend this class and declined several times. I am so glad I decided to attend! Thank you, Ron for teaching us. I now feel motivated to work with my peers and make a difference again!

Best class I have had in years . Ron was a clear communicator and his instruction hit the mark. This class should be mandatory for all supervisors. Ron had the pulse of the class even as an outsider, because he was credible and is knowledgeable on this topic.

The instructor was very engaging, motivating, encouraging, passionate and well spoken. He navigated the questions and comments in a very professional, but honest manner. It was a fantastic training and I would recommend it to all supervisors.

Amazing class full of dialogue—bringing up hard to discuss topics and concepts that normally don’t get discussed in other trainings. The class material was great but more importantly, the facilitator of that material is what really matters.

Solid information and methods for real world application. Having a baseline knowledge of leadership and Solid principles to conduct our actions with in law enforcement protects us and our community. This class is the first step to a deeper understanding of positively affecting our community and our organization.

Best leadership course by the best instructor. Instructor Ron was the best instructor I have ever received training from in my entire military/law enforcement career. Completely changed my outlook on leadership and he has impacted my department in a great way by providing me with the leadership tools to LEAD.
This class should be mandatory for ALL supervisors as they promote or for those wishing to promote. Should also be suggested for disgruntled and those who are “checked out”. Offers insight and instills responsibility of one’s self and reminds us of different perspectives.
I left the LAPD after 5 years. Had more supervisors been trained in the techniques and concepts presented in this, I would have continued my career at the LAPD. Every supervisor and command staff (from any agency) should take this course to better not only themselves but their personnel. Leadership is not optional, this course lays a framework to be the best leader we can and thus changing the culture and happiness of our agencies.
Loved the class, I feel it needs to be longer. Ron was a phenomenal instructor, however he had to rush through last few modules. Not for his lack of time management but because if his stories that were pertinent to the instruction given. Without the stories the content wouldn’t have been as powerful as they were.
I wish I would have taken this course years ago. I will take the material taught to me and apply it to my professional and personal life. My leadership mission statement now, “Slow down, do not take anything for granted and find balance.
This course has provided me a greater understanding on leadership. I have learned several concepts that I can apply as a leader within my organization. The course also gives you a better understanding of how to handle common and complex situations faced within an organization as a supervisor. This course is essential for all leaders within an organization.

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